A collaborative approach to support innovators and protect consumers on blockchains

The Brooklyn Project is developing a Core Framework and experimenting with a crypto-economic system to help consumer token projects engage the community to build more trust, cooperation, fairness, safety, and regulatory compliance across the industry.

The Core Framework consists of:

10 Principles that serve as general, aspirational guideposts for projects.

Detailed suggested practices that form a foundation for consumer-oriented behavior and community-driven collaboration.

Recommended disclosures that provide a frame of reference for smart transparency.

Crypto-economic systems form the backbone of blockchain technology. In the context of the Core Framework, a crypto-economic system will allow projects to apply to a registry that (1) signals whether a project is implementing the framework, and (2) invites the community to scrutinize their practices.

The goal of this initiative is to build a vibrant community that collaborates with projects to solve their most urgent and difficult problems, and a signaling system to inform consumers and innovators when they may be treading into risky territory on public blockchains.

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